Marlboro Mapper



A listing of all of the known trips taken by the couriers of the city of Valencia.  The collection of this data i ongoing and only represents currently a small fraction of the likely trips taken over the fourteenth century.  The initial data comes from the Clavaria of the city from the book for 1373-1374.  Several more volumes of the series exist for the 14th century, but I have not yet consulted them.
Arxiu Municipal de Valencia; Clavaria; Serie L-7; 1373-1374; folios 1r-40r.


Color Scheme:

For runners, the colors run from Blue at the slowest to Red or Orange at the fastest.  The brighter a color, the faster the runner.

Purple lines represent estimates of speed or an unknown speed.

Green lines represent ships or water travel

When selected, the route lines will illuminate black

All material was prepared by Adam Franklin-Lyons. For more information feel free to E-mail Me.